Juan de Fuca Salmon Derby June 15 and 16, 2013
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The Juan de Fuca Salmon Invitational Salmon Championship is the largest donor to Salmon Restoration of any Derby held in British Columbia.

To date almost $200,000 has been donated to Salmon Enhancement through this event. The idea of "putting fish back into the water for future generations to enjoy" began in year two of the Derby. Since that first donation, the annual contribution has grown to over $10,000 a year being allocated to increase productivity in local streams and rivers. Derby entrants go into a 'ticket frenzy' buying up chances to win as soon as the doors open for the presentation ceremony.

Rick Carswell is this year's winner of the Suzuki 9.9 Outboard Motor donated by Sherwood Marine and Suzuki Canada

Rick Carswell was the lucky guy who had his ticket drawn at the 2009 JDF Salmon Derby

Driving from Sooke to Jordan River alone, you can see the following creeks that are affected by the Salmon Enhancement Program & the work that volunteers contribute through the Streamkeepers Program. Salmon Enhancement provides the funding for materials & purchases necessary. Work is normally mostly done by a Streamkeeper group who focus mostly on a single creek. Considering this is a very small area, realize that there are hundreds of streams within the province of B.C. that reap the benefits of these programs.

Just of few of the creeks between Sooke & Jordan River that benefit from the Salmon Enhancement Program

Creek Enhancement Work Sponsored by Fisheries and OceansThanks to the business community, this event can award over $90,000.00 in prizes while at the same time ensuring that local groups will receive the funding they need to build up declining fish stocks. Sue Coleman and Robert Bateman donate framed prints and Honda and Sherwood Marine an outboard motor, to be raffled off at the awards banquet. These contributions help greatly to ensure our goals are met. With our annual 50/50 thrown into the mix, our volunteer sales people take in an average of $5,000 in only a 2 hour time span. The tickets for these articles are available only during the awards banquet and are restricted to derby entrants, there are no sales to the general public. Derby participants deserve a pat on the back for their efforts to aid salmon restoration!

The Net Proceeds of the event are donated to The Pacific Salmon Foundation. Rob Waters, our host, MC, and a valued member of the Derby Team is a Director of the Pacific Salmon Foundation and each year reviews the requests for donations through the foundation. Funds from this event are then targeted to local waters of the Lower Island. The Pacific Salmon Foundation contributes to the Derby by donating among other articles; The annual "Sponsors Award" which is a framed print of the Salmon Enhancement tag that is purchased with each fishing license. We thank them for their continued support and their on going efforts to put fish back in the waters "one stream at a time".

Cattail Projects help improve water quality as they are natural filters.The Alpine Juan de Fuca Salmon Derby is held under the banner of the Juan de Fuca Invitational Salmon Championship Society. We are a registered Non-Profit Society; No member of the Executive or any of our volunteers receive any monetary rewards. If you are interested in fishing the Derby and donating to Salmon Enhancement by way of Sponsorship or would like to donate directly to the conservation side of the event and be recognized at the Awards Banquet please CONTACT us by phone or email.

The following pictures are of just a few of the l ocal creeks in the Sooke area that are part of the Salmon Enhancement Program. Literally hundreds of others exist within British Columbia:

A few of the l ocal creeks in the Sooke area that are part of the Salmon Enhancement Program