Juan de Fuca Salmon Derby June 15 and 16, 2013
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boats fishing in the 2009 Juan de Fuca Derby

Welcome to the official Alpine Group
Juan de Fuca Salmon Championship Information Web Site.

The executive of the Alpine Juan de Fuca Salmon Derby would like to inform sponsors and entrants from past derbies that we are in no way associated with the new Alpine Juan de Fuca Derby being held at Pedder Bay June 14 – 15, 2014.
Thanks again to all for twenty-five years of great support!
George Wetherell - President Juan de Fuca Invitational Salmon Championship Society

Once again all of us here at derby central are extremely disappointed this year to have to cancel the derby so close to the event. Please read the announcement details and message from long time derby president George Wetherell about why....


A message from the Executive:
Derby President George WetherellOnce again the DFO has kept us on the hook and made it impossible to organize the biggest and best fishing event in the province. As of today we still have no idea of when salmon retention of the “trophy” Chinook now entering our waters, will be allowed. We will not run a slot derby that would target small and hatchery
fish only.

From what I have been told, we will not know before June 13 when they will open up retention of large springs. It very well could be June 15, or it could be as late as July 15, the powers that be will not even give us a hint as to what might occur. The DFO does not care about the entrants of this event nor do they care about the economic impact or the funds that are raised for salmon restoration, they don’t care one bit – I’m sure if they could, they would just tell us to “piss off”. They have other people to take care of long before “Joe public” and will not even work with us so we can figure out when and if our derby will ever take place again. It’s hard to believe that so many people are angry with fisheries, be it this event or halibut regulations or closures about to take place this summer on the west coast and the DFO just dosen’t give a s***. It is more than frustrating to try and operate under these conditions and in the end we all suffer; the executive, the entrants, our sponsors and our donation to salmon enhancement. God knows the government is not putting a plug nickel into it, compared with what our event has given back to salmon restoration from so few.

Recently we donated some funds to the Canadian Tire Jump Start Program to help kids be able to participate in sports they otherwise could not afford to, it’s a great program and Canadian Tire has been great to the derby over the years. We are also donating funds to the South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition, perhaps with their help we can get someone in Ottawa to listen to common sense and get our Fathers Day derby back in its rightful place.

Enjoy your Father’s Day, I hope you will be on the water and smiles will be on many a face. That will mean that the big ones are here and we are allowed to keep them. For now we can only cross our fingers and hope the other sectors will have got what they need and now we; the insignificant ones, can have our piece of the pie!

Have a great summer!!

George Wetherell – Derby President

One man’s view:

Poor management and cut backs by the Federal Government in relation to salmon enhancement have helped lead to where we are at this time. If they continue to follow the route they have chosen; reduce the catch to protect the runs in question without any restoration or enhancement, they are doomed to fail. If we are going to save the Frazer River stocks, the harvesting of these runs should be closed to everyone, not just the sport fishers. If salmon enhancement is not an option then the only way to ensure the future of these stocks is to close any retention and hope that nature takes its course and they rebound. This may take as little as four years, perhaps longer, but it will work – look to the south to see how their stocks have come back after closing the fishing off for a couple of cycles. I certainly don’t want to see a complete closure but if it is closed to sport fishing for the next three or four years then lock it down for all! I would sure like to see some salmon restoration take place but again there are budget cuts and I don’t think you will see the other people worried about the run volunteering to jump in and help bring back the stocks. The fact that nothing has been done for years to the rivers in question makes the average person ask “why?” The data the D.F.O. is using is over five years old, come on, if everyone in the country ran their business that way the bankruptcy rate would sky rocket.
It seems that the people who fish for sport care more about the future of our recreation than our government does, the people who are in control say they listen but they do not react, using a band aid is not going to repair the damage that has been caused by years of miss-management. A derby is one thing, the economic impact to the business & tourist sector over the coming months and perhaps future years is devastating. If we don’t do something now and there is a closure until sometime in July, it will be like a tax the government adds, once it’s in place it won’t go away. Time for all of us to stand up and be counted, let’s show that the small people can make a difference.

Thanks to all the volunteers and participants in the 2011 Juan de Fuca Salmon Derby!

Weigh in time at Pedder Bay Marina

A Great Time Was Had by All

2011 Derby Banquet

Brian Orr is the winner of the 2011 JDF Salmon Derby

Congratulations to first place winner Brian Orr with his 40.5 pound Chinook.

Brian Orr claims the coveted 1st place at the 2011 Juan de Fuca Derby

2nd place winners: John Olsen, fish weight: 30.5 lb

John Olsen Second Place 30.5 pounds

Greg Walters : 2011 third place winner. Fish: 30.4 lb

Greg Walters 30.4 pound chinook

4th place winner Brad Fitchett. Fish: 29.7 lb

Brad Fitchett 4th place

5th place Andy Dawson. Fish 28.80 lb

Andy Dawson 5th place winner

5th place to 9th place fish all weighed exactly 28.80 pounds - this is a pretty stellar example of why you should weigh in early:

5th: Andy Dawson 28.80
6th: Ryan Chamberland 28.80
7th: Alan Thom 28.80
8th: Clay Arden 28.80
9th: Brenda Simpson 28.80
10th Quinn Pearson 27.60 lbs

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The Juan de Fuca Salmon Derby executive, society members and sponsors wish our sincere congratulations to the winners & participants in the 2011 derby. We hope that you all had a great time!